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Cloud Cost Optimisation Experts

Reduce Your Cloud Spend by over 25%

Without appropriate oversight and guardrails, you could get caught out by automation tools offering instant savings that negatively impact your business.


You need people with the skills and expertise to execute the cloud changes, within your regulatory framework, with a focus on security and a guarantee to achieve the promised savings.


Our process starts with an in-depth cloud cost analysis, identifying hidden inefficiencies to show you where your cloud estate can be effectively optimised. Once this is done, we'll do the heavy lifting to reduce your cloud spend, while you focus on utilising those freed up funds.


Our holistic approach to cost savings, looking at data security, business strategy & regulatory requirements, ensures your business can function uninterrupted. Our managed service looks deeper into optimising your savings, whilst taking your business priorities into account, and can outperform the cost reductions from many automated solutions.

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Cloud Cost Optimisation

01. Strategic Cost Optimisation

Align cloud expenses with business objectives to fuel growth and innovation.

02. Operational Efficiency

Streamline cloud operations to ensure you're only paying for what you truly need.

03. Bespoke Consultancy

With our dashboards & analytics, you gain insights into your cloud usage, and identify areas where you can optimise and reduce costs. Our team of cloud experts comes from a biotech background, so you can trust us to provide you with reliable and compliant optimisation strategies.

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Increase Your Cloud ROI

Learn how skyPurple Cloud's cost optimisation solutions can help you to increase your cloud ROI

and innovation potential.


Call us today to hear how our certified experts

reduce costs and optimise cloud resources.

founder Roy Long

skyPurple Cloud

Roy Long


Our Story

Roy founded skyPurple Cloud in 2017 having clocked up over 20 years in Pharma IT leadership. Having witnessed fully automated cost optimisation tools fail to align with regulated environments and strict change control processes, he brought his insights and vision to provide a more holistic approach to cloud cost optimisation.  Roy’s knowledge and experience in Cloud Architecture and Security along with his industry connections enabled him to select the cloud talent he’d worked with before and build a team capable of scaleable, end-to-end delivery. Connect with Roy on LinkedIn

Our Vision

We have a passion for supporting BioTech to help eliminate unnecessary cloud costs. Our purpose is to aid better understanding and visibility of cloud spend, gain control and eliminate waste. We share a sense of purpose to achieve scaleable results & free up valuable resources for companies to fund their innovation.

Our Team

Our diverse and talented cloud team have decades of experience across all aspects of the cloud within the BioTech sector. This comes with the extra credentials that make our offering unique and invaluable. The in-depth understanding we have of regulatory frameworks and industry compliance—and how they influence your cloud service utilisation—distinguishes our comprehensive service offering, setting us apart from the competition.

Our Accreditations

 At the heart of our service lies a comprehensive toolkit and a team of experts dedicated to transforming your AWS costs from a persistent source of frustration into a strategic asset.


Our Partners

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Roy Long

Founder of skyPurple Cloud

"Our expert team recently reduced AWS spending for one customer by over $350,000 within six months. By eliminating wasted spend, implementing FinOps practices, optimising infrastructure & application architecture, together with tailored dashboards, drove down their cloud bill, whilst driving the business forward."

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